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Penn Color

Penn Color Founded in 1964, Penn Color develops and manufactures the most diverse product line of color concentrates and pigment dispersions in the world. As a well-established leader in the global color industry, the team at Penn Color needed a custom exhibit that would serve as an inviting and effectiveenvironment to display their product and tell their story. A concept was developed that not only allowed for display of the raw materials they produce, but the final products that are manufactured using their pigments were showcased as well.


For over 60 years, Arcor has been the world’s leading candy & sweets manufacturer based in Latin America. The Sweets & Snacks Expo is their largest show of the year and with a need to make a big splash on a show floor packed with a multitude of recognizable competing brands, their marketing team needed to find a way to really stretch their budget. The Divinitas team was able to develop a custom exhibit that provided an effectively branded space with plenty of product display areas. Since Arcor intended to use the same exhibit for several years running, we enhanced their budget by developing a multi-year discount package allowing for significant savings on a per show basis.


Belden is the leading wire & cable manufacturer in the United States and have a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability. As a well know company with a large trade show program including events across the entire country (and world), the challenge was to keep a consistent brand presence while specifically speaking to each unique market and audience. Our custom rental program allowed for just such a solution. The design team develops a custom rental exhibit for each specific show, always with an eye toward brand guidelines and the audience they are trying to reach. While each design is very different from each other, the results are always impactful and retain brand continuity from one show to the next.


Founded in the 1930’s, Dayglo is the world’s largest manufacturer of daylight fluorescent pigments. Their exhibiting strategy mainly focuses on attending the largest show in the US for their industry – The National Plastics Exposition. They wanted a custom exhibit to showcase the products produced using their dyes and pigments and set a very tight goal for the investment amount. Divinitas was able to develop an impressive structure that very effectively allows the colors to be the star of the show, and all within the target budget.


Newline is a manufacturer of interactive LCD monitors used for business and presentation purposes. As a fairly new company looking to break into a competitive market, Newline tasked Divinitas with developing an effectively branded environment for them to showcase the latest designs in their inventory at the InfoComm show. The result was derived directly from their brand identity and made quite an impact on the show floor. Our price guarantee gave the Newline team confidence that the budget amounts they allocated would be honored and no surprise cost overages would be incurred.

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